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Join with us to promote #GiveBigCHQ and #ShopSmall June 1-11!

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In partnership with the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce, #GiveBigCHQ will be promoting local small businesses and nonprofits throughout June 1-11 on social media, email and on the givebigchq.org website.

#GiveBigCHQ has become an annual celebration to come together as a community, something we all need right now. This year we want to make sure it’s also an opportunity to help support one another, especially our locally owned small businesses that are supportive of nonprofits year round!

Small Business Shout-Outs!

Ahlstrom-Schaffer Electric supplies many of Audubon's electrical needs, helped Audubon become much more energy-efficient, and have supported the Nature Center by sponsoring events. Thank you!- Audubon Community Nature Center

Ashville General Store is one of the delightful small businesses that sell Audubon's Conewango Blend birdseed, and they are selling a lot of it lately. Not only do they sell Audubon's birdseed, but they have also sponsored Audubon Events. -Audubon Community Nature Center

The Cakery - a Fredonia bakery

Chautauqua Signs has been a huge help to Audubon as we have gone through the rebranding process to become Audubon Community Nature Center. When our new sign was knocked down in a traffic accident this spring, they were there to rebuild it for us.   -Audubon Community Nature Center

Chai's Chocolate & Gifts - a Fredonia business specializing in custom sugar cookies & cupcakes for any occasion! In the shop, they have a weekly assortment of fresh baked goods, homemade chocolates, gourmet truffles, specialty drinks, unique gift items & more.

Client Solutions Group - A Fredonia business that provides many services such as payroll services, printing, tax management, promotional products and more.

Community Bank - CASA of Chautauqua

Courier Capital helps Audubon with financial management services as well as sponsoring events. Thank you Courier Capital! -AudubonCommunity Nature Center

Escape Rooms of Jamestown helped Audubon create an amazingly fun version of an Escape Room for kids at the Nature Center. We tested it onour own kids and their friends and it was a huge hit! -Audubon Community Nature Center

Everyday's True Value Hardware provides Audubon with most of our hardware needs and has generously supported various events at Audubon Community Nature Center over the years. - Audubon Community Nature Center

LanPro does all the major equipment repair on Audubon's tractors and has supported events by loaning Audubon gators to help with fast set up and setting things out.- Audubon Community Nature Center

Mike's Nursery not only has a great selection of plants, but they have also generously donated soil, pots, plants and more for various Audubon fundraisers over the years.- Audubon Community Nature Center

Ellicottville Brewing Company has great food, fantastic atmosphere and has generously hosted Audubon Community Nature Center events, donated beer for other events, and even hosted one of Audubon's first community nature play areas. - Audubon Community Nature Center

Farm Fresh Foods- For our Recovery Cooking class, we were looking for a partner who would allow us to find fresh, affordable food to make great meals to feed our participants and teach them how to make this food on a budget. Farm Fresh Foods, in partnership with St. Luke's Episcopal Church, stepped up and has supported our cooking group wonderfully! We have healthy food that makes great meals weekly, even during the quarantine!  Check them out and thank them for their support of the MHA and the recovery community! - Mental Health Association in Chautauqua

Farmer Brown's BBQ and Grill is a local, small, family-owned business. They participate in school supply and backpack giveaways with free food for children once a year with the Busti Church of God, as well as other benefits in our community.  The owners encourage and support local youth to enjoy working closely with the community in customer service while at the same time learning a respectable work ethic.  The menu consists of both fun and unique choices, and healthy additions, as well as catering services for any size party. -Chautauqua Safety Village

Forecon is a locally based forestry company that does some great things for Audubon Community Nature Center. They treat the ash trees in the Grisez Arboretum regularly so that they do not get infested with the Emerald Ash Borer. They have donated fencing for deer enclosures and sponsored events. We appreciate their expertise and help! - Audubon Community Nature Center

Hollyloft Ski and Bike has been supporting Audubon for decades. They do a great job of promoting our trails to their customers as wellas sponsoring events. Thank you, Hollyloft! -Audubon Community Nature Center

Jamestown Awning -CASA of Chautauqua

Johnny's Lunch-I love Johnny's! There's nothing like a Johnny's hot dog. It's the perfect place for lunch. -Jessie Andersen

JRSC Digital has been one of Audubon's go-to places for printing signs and nametags. Right now, they are getting ready to print t-shirts for an Audubon fundraiser. They are helpful, easy to work with, and have generously given back to Audubon through event sponsorships. -AudubonCommunity Nature Center

Kings Heating and Sheet Metal have been a fantastic resource over the last few years as Audubon's many furnaces got old and needed to be replaced. They take care of our heating and cooling needs but have also sponsored events at Audubon. Thank you, Kings! -Audubon Community Nature Center

Lakewood Apothecary has been supporting Audubon Community Nature Center for years. They sell Audubon's Conewango Blend birdseed inside but also have supported Audubon through matching donations and event sponsorship. - Audubon Community Nature Center

Miller's Coconut Grove has long been a place where folks from Audubon Community Nature Center gather. They have good food and have generously helped Audubon by hosting fundraisers! - Audubon Community Nature Center

Metallic Ladder Manufacturing is a Community Partner at Audubon, donating to help us cover the overhead costs needed to operate the Nature Center. We sincerely appreciate all their help. -Audubon Community Nature Center

MW Graphics has been printing Audubon's newsletters for years and they look fantastic. The staff is easy to work with, accommodating and do all they can to help. They have even sponsored events at Audubon. -Audubon Community Nature Center

Phone Zone - During the pandemic, communication has become essential. Those most vulnerable individuals often don't have access to phones or data for medical appointments done over video conference. Through a grant from the Chautauqua County Crisis Response Fund, we were able to partner with Phone Zone to purchase phones with two months of service. Phone Zone responded quickly, have continued to work diligently, and have been great partners in this effort. MHA is continuing to make sure people can access services while reducing the risk of infection for them and our community.  - Mental Health Association in Chautauqua

Dave at Royal Wind and Solar donated his time to help Audubon diagnose a problem with solar panels and, later, helped replace the parts that were bad with the help of a grant from CRCF. -Audubon Community Nature Center 

Jeff Rupp at Sideline Imprints has been printing shirts for Audubon for years and has been an incredible help volunteering and supporting Audubon's Wild 5K each summer. Thank you, Jeff! -Audubon Community Nature Center 

Stillwater Garden Center helped Audubon immensely over the last couple of years by donating plants and mulch for our gardens. -Audubon Community Nature Center

The Trophy House helps Audubon with all our plaque-making needs.-Audubon Community Nature Center 

Tri-James Services is a local company that Audubon Community Nature Center has used for years to supply the gravel that is put down on trails and parking lots to keep everything from sinking into the wetland. They also have generously sponsored some of Audubon's events. - Audubon Community Nature Center

Univera Healthcare is a Community Partner at Audubon, donating to help us cover the overhead costs needed to operate the Nature Center. We sincerely appreciate all their help. -Audubon Community Nature Center

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As part of this year's event we are looking to find creative ways to help highlight local businesses and thank them for all the ways they support nonprofits in our community. Participating Give Big CHQ nonprofits have also been encouraged to find ways to partner with our small business friends and help cross promote one another during the event; this could include but is not limited to social media posts, promotions or giveaways.

Click Here to see a FAQ Sheet with more information and examples.

Join with us to promote #GiveBigCHQ and #ShopSmall June 1-11!

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